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We welcome all members and regular attenders to participate in the life of the meeting through serving on committees. Our practice requires that we seek members to serve on Ministry and Counsel and the Nominating Committee, but we gratefully welcome anyone to serve on other committees. Please consider where your gifts lead you to participate.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee enhances the meeting's social media usage and other communication paths to increase engagement among members and attendees and improve outreach to others in the community.

First Day School Committee

The First Day School Committee nurtures and welcomes children into the meeting. This committee provides for the spiritual education and growth of children and organizes materials and lessons for First Day School classes. They also coordinate opportunities for members to participate as First Day School teachers and assistants.

First Day School teachers should be CAP (Child Abuse Prevention) certified. For more information visit the CAP Program page on the SEYM web site.

Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee creates a rotation for someone to open the meeting house on First Day and provides simple snacks after Meeting for Worship. They set up and clean after potluck meals and arrange refreshments for special events. They create a plan and rotation for us to share in the cleaning of the meetinghouse and purchase cleaning supplies. These responsibilities are organized by this committee but are shared by our meeting community as a whole.

Library Committee

The Library Committee keeps the library organized and in usable order. It also makes recommendations of purchases that will keep our library current and help to meet the needs of our members.

Ministry and Counsel Committee

The Ministry and Counsel Committee nurtures the spiritual life of the meeting with specific concerns for our ministry and worship and pastoral care. They have a special responsibility to watch over, encourage, and develop the care of members for each other and for the life of the meeting.

This committee carries a three-year commitment. Unless otherwise noted, committee members and clerks serve for one year, and may be asked to serve again for additional terms.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee identifies and recruits the clerk, assistant clerk, recording clerk, and treasurer, as well as seeing that committees have clerks and a sufficient number of members. They discern gifts that individuals might offer in service to our community, ask members to serve, and make sure committees have strong membership to fulfill their responsibilities.

This committee carries a three-year commitment. Unless otherwise noted, committee members and clerks serve for one year, and may be asked to serve again for additional terms.

Peace and Social Concerns Committee

The Peace and Social Concerns committee addresses a variety of concerns in the community, state, nation, and world. They may plan and carry out service projects as corporate activities of the Meeting, address peace and social justice issues, encourage members to participate in the work for social change of larger Quaker groups or other bodies, or support a member seeking assent to a particular expression of social concern.

We work to:
  • Strengthen the relationship of Friends to society and the world around them, especially in the fields of peace, integrity, equality, and justice.
  • Facilitate the carrying out of concerns of wider scope than the individual Friends and attenders can accomplish.
  • Strengthen the social consciousness of individual Friends and attenders.
  • Provide adequate attention to these concerns at Meetings for Worship with a Concern for Business.
  • Recommend or suggest subjects related to peace and social concerns for workshops, First Day School, and in the community.
  • Serve as a network among other faith-based communities and beyond on peace and social issues, including the environment.

Property and Grounds Committee

The Property and Grounds Committee sees to the timely and proper upkeep and repair of meeting property. This committee organizes work days and arranges for outside services that are needed. It also handles requests for use of the Meetinghouse.

Use of the Meeting House
The Property and Grounds Committee will consider requests to use the Meeting House by Quaker and non-Quaker organizations. Those who use the property must complete a request form and agree to the Tampa Quaker Meeting Usage Guidelines.

Way Forward Committee

The Way Forward Committee seeks to find a way forward that feeds us, our Meeting, our community, and our world. This is a gathering of any and all who are able and interested in bringing forward ideas. Some topics we are considering:

  • Physical space - how to use it, how to accommodate virtual visitors
  • Supporting the Meeting - growth, contributions, time, committees
  • Activism - what do we want to do/support? Locally? In the Friends community? In the world?
  • Community - how do we support our Friends community? Tampa? Etc?
  • Fun - what can we do to connect and share both in-person and virtually?

2020 Committees

Lisa Erazmus 2021
Recording Clerk
Cynde Mercer
Chris Hugues

Adult First Day Program
Pamela Graber, clerk
Karen Putney
Nil Wilkins

Archives and Membership Recorder
Nil Wilkins

Karen Kessel
Cynde Mercer, clerk
Karen Putney

First Day School
Elizabeth Mitchell, CAPP Certified
Cecilia Yocum, CAPP Certified

Hospitality and Housekeeping
Pamela Graber
Karen Putney
Nancy Triscritti
Nil Wilkins
Rose Yerrakadu

Keeping in Touch Card Coordinator
Nil Wilkins

Keeper of the Calendar
Cynde Mercer

Karen Putney, clerk

Ministry and Counsel**
Jan Dahm 2021
Lisa Erazmus, ex-officio
Chris Hugues 2021
Dustin Lemke 2019
Nancy Triscritti, clerk 2020

Marjorie Arnaldi 2021
Chris Hugues, clerk 2019
Cecilia Yocum 2020

Peace and Social Concerns
Under discernment

Property and Grounds
Chris Hugues
Karen Putney
Lou Putney

Web Keeper
Cynde Mercer

** For committees carrying a three-year commitment, the dates given note the year through which the individual will serve. Unless otherwise noted, committee members and clerks serve for one year.